Frequently Asked Questions

There are three categories of questions based on the intended audience. Select the appropriate tab and click the question(s) to reveal the answers. We will be constantly adding faqs. If you do not find your question or answer, please contact us.

About TimsWeb

1. What type of software and servers do we need to use TimsWeb?
The system is completely Internet based and we host the program on our servers located at a secure data center. You do not need to install any software to use TimsWeb.


1. How long will it take to get my account setup so I can start using with my mentors and new teachers?
We can have you up and running the same day you order. It will take us only about 5 minutes to create and activate your account.

Teachers and Mentors

1. I am a mentor or new teacher, where do I create my account on the website?
Mentors and teachers are not able to create accounts on the website. Your coordinator for your Induction and Mentoring program must create the account. When they do, you are sent an email requesting you to activate the account and then change your password and personal information. Please contact your coordinator if you are having issues with your account.
2. What happens to my information if I do not finish the program?
Teachers are able to print a complete transcript of all activites. This way, if you transfer to another school or induction and mentoring program you will have evidence of all your work.